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Industrial and Commercial R.O. Plants


The large scale water treatment plants are needed for the commercial and industrial uses. The artesian wells are dug in many places where a vast demand of water is required. Large compounds, animals and poultry farms, hotels, hospitals, industrial and production plants require a lot of water for drinking, washing and process uses.


In order to make well water or sea water suitable for such uses and to comply with the standards of water quality, AquaMozoon can prepare the required study and manufacture the required water treatment plant. AquaMozoon produces large scale of reverse osmosis (R.O.) plants in the factory in Dammam. The pre-treatment and post treatment chemicals, filtration and disinfections equipment are provided according to the water quality of the feed water and the final product water quality required.


AquaMozoon has the wide experience in the execution of large water projects which require other correlated equipment like tanks of small and large sizes, with different type of materials like FRP, glass lined steel and stainless steel. We have the ability to execute and supervise the civil works required for water projects. Wide range of suppliers backup will support the supply of all types of equipment according to customer needs and standards in short time.



Sewage Treatment Plants (S.T.P.)


The domestic waste water in large compounds needs treatment to re-use the treated sewage in irrigation, soil backfilling and healthy disposal to the sea or to an approved municipal line.


 The STP will treat the influent to make it beneficial and to get rid of nuisance caused by dumping sewage. The economic benefit cannot be denied, since the frequency of disposing the sewage will be drastically reduced. Also, the effluent can be used for irrigation and other sources saving on large freshwater costs.


AquaMozoon can supply and install the equipment for (STP). The extended aeration tanks process is a very effective process for sewage treatment. The influent is passed through aeration and settlement tanks to clarify sewage. Then, the effluent is disinfected to get rid of pathogenic bacteria. The last stage filtration with sand media is necessary to achieve the acceptable effluent quality for irrigation according to the approved standards. AquaMozoon does the incorporated civil, electrical works and equipment supply according to the requirements and international standards.


Residential Equipment


A. Drinking and Consumed Water


The different type of machines for the residential use which are available with AquaMozoon make the choice easier and clearer. The kitchen machine produces up to 200 liters per day of treated water. The machine is composed of 5 stages of treatment to remove impurities, smell and high salinity. Water is passed through sediment and activated carbon filters and then pumped through the reverse osmosis membrane which separates the ions and produces sweet water. The product of this machine is portable and can be used for cooking purposes.


Another machine with different shapes and sizes includes, in addition to the water treatment process, a cooling compressor and heater with tanks and faucets to obtain cold and hot water. An ultra violet lamp is provided to disinfect water from bacteria and other germs.


B. Water Softener


When hard water is used for washing clothes, utensils, cars and body, it will not be efficient in many ways. Hard ions will react with soap and make it in-efficient for cleaning and will consume more soap. Hard ions will stick on the glass, clothes and in the hair and skin. The pipes and taps in the house will be clogged after sometime and need new piping and plumbing works.


AquaMozoon provide the softener which removes hard ions (calcium, magnesium and iron) from water to obtain the required soft water for all washing uses. It is available in many sizes to suit different quality of water and capacity. This machine serves the user to the maximum degree of satisfaction from both economical and quality aspect.




Water treatment process is not limited. AquaMozoon can provide the required consultancy and solution for any water operations. These operations are not limited to the following:


     -  Swimming pools equipment and chemicals

     -  Supply of parts, filters & other accessories

     -  Anti-corrosion chemicals

     -  Degasifier's

     -  Cooling towers

     -  Deodorization

     -  Water filling and bottling plants

     -  Pressure systems

     -  Other operations which are related and can be integrated to the water treatment system

     -  Operation and Maintenance Contract related to water treatment.




AquaMozoon factory is located in the Eastern Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an area of 1500 m². The factory is furnished with necessary machines to execute the welding, painting, assembling, testing and quality control operations.


 The service teams are trained to be on request and give special service. The quality of water is determined by special instrumentation in the laboratory. The qualified engineering and technical staff ensures and commits the high quality execution of the job.


The executed projects done by AquaMozoon reflect the reliability and confidence for executing the projects for our valued customers. The quality standard under ISO 9000 standard is insured by AquaMozoon to ensure smooth and high quality procedure of execution.



Water is a vital factor in the human life and it is needed for human consumption, plants, animals and industrial process. The need for water made the man searching for the sources of water since the beginning of life. In the past, people used to drink and use water without much care about the quality of water, and this lead to limit the number of people that can live in a certain area and affected on the community distribution. Great development in the field of desalination started during the 2nd world war. The thermal process was the easiest way and then the membrane technology was invented in 1970's. This process has shown a great economical and reliable result in the field of water treatment. AquaMozoon, has carried on shoulders of responsibilities to produce and distribute the technology and necessary equipment to the public to achieve the healthy and quality water in the houses, farms, burden and coastal areas and factories.


Water from the sea, wells and tap has to pass through a treatment process to remove the high salinity to reach below 500ppm and remove other impurities like dust, iron, any suspended materials, smell and chlorine. AquaMozoon, produces various types and sizes of water treatment equipment.

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